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Los Angeles was burning. The streets were filled with looters and rioters. The air was choking with ash, smoke and gunfire in the distance. Welcome to Hollywood. Compared to New York, where Johnny Koester grew up, the apartments in Hollywood were spacious, airy, sunny, and cheap. Some even included a parking space and a swimming pool. But behind the flower boxes and screen doors of his newly adopted apartment building, Hollywood View Court, lives were being lived that defied the formulaic storylines being concocted in the film and TV production bungalows just blocks away. They called it the land of fruits and nuts, lala land, tinsel town, but to Johnny, it was just a company town. Somewhere that offered a job in a business he had experience in: television. Having been just laid off, he wanted to make a new start in a new town, but little did he know that the only jobs available were in something new called reality television. And even more of a shock would be the reality that awaited him just a couple of doors over in his new apartment a reality named Benny.

the FROM HERE TO REALITY audio book is narrated by Brian G. McKernan click here for info.

Comedian and TV Meteorologist Fritz Coleman with Steven Schindler