on the bluffs

Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we live.

"Schindler could be the male version of bestselling author Nora Roberts, blending the right amount of romance and suspense...a captivating writing style."-Glendale News Press

"It was hard for me to put this book down for a few minutes. Definitely a must read."

SilviaReads, reviewer/blogger

"Superbly written. Unforgettable. It is one I'll read again."-B.Davis Great Reads & Page Turners

"I fully recommend reading On The Bluffs. I look forward to reading more of Schindler's work."-WendysMindingSpot, reviewer/blogger

"A ship passed beyond the lighthouse and as his mind raced with possibilities, eventualities, realities, and fatalities, he knew he wouldn't jump the next tramp steamer to somewhere far from here" Mid-life crisis is the point of departure for Steven Schindler's latest examination of the prices paid for simply doing the right thing. Filled with turns both comic and tragic, ON THE BLUFFS begins as a journey along the road not taken. Washington, DC radio producer Brian DeLouise is a middle-age guy trapped in mid-level job and a middling marriage. When both the job and the marriage collapse, Brian packs up his mini-van and points it north, headed for the rocky seacoast of Cape Cod and Portia, the love that Brian left behind twenty years earlier. Once there, locked in a dilapidated mansion with a dysfunctional family and their odd assortment of boarders, Brian becomes embroiled in small town familial secrets and lies as he steps in and steps up in ways that would send lesser men back out on the road. A rumination on remorse and redemption, ON THE BLUFFS is one middle-aged man's journey out of adolescence. -Mike Valerio (Director, "Carlo's Wake", "King B: A Life in the Movies")