original screenplays
steven schindler


Based on Steven Schindler's novels, THE LAST SEWER BALL and SEWER BALLS.

"what's good for the girls"

An original screenplay by Steven Schindler

Based on a true story, a girl tries to concentrate on grade school and high school while her father experiments with drugs and the Chicago drag queen sub-culture of the 1960s and '70s. The story follows her tumultuous childhood, and how she deals with abandonment from her dysfunctional family into adulthood.

"let the light shine"
A screenplay
By Steven schindler

Based on the life of JACOB RIIS (1849-1914) Journalist, Photo Journalist, Author, Social Reformer, Immigrant. The amazing true story of the man who through his pioneering work with flash photography exposed the horrors of poverty and despair in NYC. His photos and book, "How the Other Half Lives", attracted the attention of then police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt and together they brought about social reforms that are still with us today.


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